Dennis Olsen exhibit, "Flash Fictions" May-June 2014
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Meredith Dean exhibit, "Polarities" May-June 2014
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Dennis Olsen exhibit, "Fictive Portraits" March 11- May 6, 2011

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2009 REM Exhibition showing bone china lighted columns and watercolor monoprints
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So an exhibition of new work at REM Gallery through June 27 is an important milestone in the lives and careers of the San Antonio art couple, both transplanted Midwesterners who recently retired from the faculty of the University of Texas at San Antonio.

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Dennis Olsen on the
Stan Antonio Express News

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Artist creates a rogue's gallery of 60 or so creatures
Over the past couple of years, the mild-mannered San Antonio printmaker and teacher has breathed life into a rogue's gallery of oddballs, misfits, weirdos and freaks of staggering strangeness.
These 60 or so creatures go by names like Drago and Christof and Tom, Dick and Harry. They even have abbreviated personal histories: “Though well into middle age, the Malinski twins cannot forget the fearsome gaze of their father” ...
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