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Bridget looked through the window at the wedding dresses and remembered Alain and Jules.
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Since Tito began storing his collection of three headed totems in his attic the squirrels and raccoons have not bothered him.
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When doctors revived Ernesto they asked him about his near-death experience. He replied that it was like being on the Gravitron ride at the state fair.
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Enrico’s parents returned from their world trip with a peculiar stone portrait of a “fanciullo” in their luggage. They were circumspect about its provenance but hoped to eventually gift it to the museum. One phone call to Enrico’s friend in Rome ended the matter abruptly.
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Ignoring the long standing curse Flora and Willie made love in the forbidden garden late at night. In the morning villagers found Flora’s body transformed into a leafy statue. Willie was never seen again.
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People claim that Greta has been Father Ignazio’s lover for years. Tongues began to wag when he was seen every afternoon reading the newspaper in her general store on the town square. She was alarmed when she realized  that they had been unmasked.
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Until his death last year Hans was First Secretary to the king, and as such wielded enormous power. His detractors remember him as “Dirty Hands Hans”
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In his Sunday homily Bishop Costa railed against the recent DNA testing that revealed Kiki’s close relationship with both the Denisovans and modern humans.
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Koit Kukk.
On his way home after a long night of heavy drinking avant guard composer, Koit Kukk, slipped on the ice and took a fatal fall. At the funeral his recently completed requiem received its premier performance. Members of the press duly noted the irony.
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When Malocchio suddenly appeared that night outside his window Arthur’s heart stopped. He had feared this moment for years.
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Every night Peregrine and her masked escort float silently above the lake.
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Turning the vellum pages slowly HN at last found Rodolfo’s name, written in elegant script and underlined in gold. He winced and murmured; “Now we know why he was feared”.
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Roger thought of himself as serious and well turned-out, but when he walked into the room he had the impression that his fellow jurors were startled by his appearance. Perhaps it was the bad haircut that Frank had given him.
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Senator Rufus is known for his prodigious memory and his florid rhetorical style.  Using his favorite mnemonic device he recalls the sections of his orations by visualizing the parts of his mistress’s voluptuous body.
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Soapbox Sammy prepared for the debate by practicing in front of a bouquet of pheasants. When he finished they squawked their approval and flew off.
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Upon hearing a commotion Takeshi peered out his door and saw two warriors approaching with malevolent intentions. Fearing the worst he frantically tried to recall where he had stored his AK 47.
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Rummaging through the dusty old piano rolls at the flea market Walter recalled the day he was taken to Liberace’s home to inspect his player pipe organ.
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After retiring from the service Captain Barbacane entered politics and became known as “The Buttress” for his stalwart support of the ruling party.
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Last week on a blustery day at the Derby, Edith Covey-Bump’s little gray mare stumbled and fell on the ground.  Way out yonder  her rival danced and pranced and robbed jockey “Winnie” Bootmaker of his 1,000th win.
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Herbert’s friends were shocked at the primitive contraption he was wearing: a result of his recent surgery.
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Judge Tibor.
Judge Tibor is known for his impartiality: He sees three sides to every issue.